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Crib organizers, essential baby things and nursery decor ideas

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Nursery crib organizers: essential needs


Nursery Organization _ Baby essentials, nursery ideas and crib organizers

Crib organizers are the most commonly overlooked item when you are designing a nursery. Having all changing tools close by, organized and within reach is the hallmark of a well organized nursery.
Embelished with beautiful cream lace and satin fabrics, this baby organizer has three cute bears outside each pocket. The pockets are wide enough to easily fit your hand and items, never too wide or bulky.

This easy to use bear hanging bag for babies has three pockets that are easy to access. Can be hanged from a crib, wall, night table, stroller. While traveling, you can easily fill up the pockets, fold each flap in, and carry your needs with you while on the go. When arrived at destination, you can unfold and hang the bag anywhere for easy access.

While great for babies, this organizer has plenty of grown-up uses:


  • Children's crayons
  • Homework supplies
  • Bathroom toiletries
  • CD - DVDs
  • Favorite books
  • Gardening or Science supplies
  • Baby things
  • Machine Washable
  • Measures 22 " X 7 1/2 " (56cm X 20cm)
  • Each pocket measures 7 1/2 X 7 " (20cm X 19cm)
    measurements do not include the lace rim


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Baby essentials, nursery ideas and crib organizers
B-46 "Organize it"
Sweet Bear baby nursery organizer
nursery decor idea, crib organizer

Baby essentials, nursery ideas and crib organizers

Baby essentials, nursery idea -
great crib organizers

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Baby essentials, nursery ideas and crib organizersBaby essentials, nursery ideas and crib organizers