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Tips for potty training - Kid's toilet paper holder- Boy's bathroom accessories


Boys bathroom, potty training, cute baby bathrooms


Neat ideas for kids bathoom - Hound puppy toilet tissue dispenser - cover

When to potty train is often the number one question for parents of toddlers. Often, the right time depends on several elements including the toddler's maturity and bladder-brain coordination. Most important...don't rush your little one. Everyone develops at a different rate. Use tools that add comfort and fun to the process. Consider a fun way to dispense toilet paper. This adorable puppy toilet paper dispenser houses a full roll of paper inside its belly. Pluck whatever amount you need. Beautiful features and plush fabric makes it look very real. Great accessory to create a cute baby bathroom.

Large Size: measures 16 1/2" Long X 7 " High

Looking for ideas for boys bathrooms?

PRICE  $ 10.99

SHIPPING within USA $ 3.95

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Potty train with this puppy toilet paper dispenser

child bathroom- puppy toilet training dispenser
bear curtain tie backs -boys window room decor idea

toilet train aid
potty train - toilet tissue dispenser kids - kids bathrooms

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Bear kids decor
















bath tissue roll


bath tissue roll
Gently pull tissue through middle


Roll covers are very economical and easy to use. If compared with standard tissue boxes, rolled tissue cost about 60% less. At an average of .40 cents a roll compared to $ 1.50 average price of a tissue box, they are less costly and with 475-500 sheets per roll, they last much longer.

  • Remove the middle cardboard tube from your tissue roll.
  • Pull tissue gently from the middle.
  • Insert inside a roll cover and pull tissue through the opening.

tissue rollRemove middle cardboard


tissue roll Pull "stalk"